Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mechanic Joe in 84 Degree Temp on a January Day

Another nice warm day in Dallas and guess what I got to do? I was able to do all the following to the van:
* Replace the alternator
* Fix a broken windshield wiper
* Do a tire rotation
* Washed and dried it

Amidst that, I was also able to move a couch and deliver it to the family in need and still had time to start our fast on time. It was awesome!

It took me 47 minutes to take out the alternator and took me 55 minutes to put it back in. Even with dropping two bolts and having to jack up the vehicle to retrieve them and having to reroute the serpentine belt because it completely fell out of its track, it still only took me 55 minutes. I'm so excited about that. After 55 minutes, Jennifer's van was back running and she was driving it around.

I'm please with that accomplishment. Well, it was a record breaker today at 84 degrees and how awesome that we were able to do our yard work.

The kids and I even took advantage and camped outside last night. Just in time because the low tonight will be 33 and the high tomorrow will be 47. So last night we slept outside in 67 degrees: we call it "tramp camp" because we camp on the trampoline.

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  1. It is snowing here. Has been for a week or two with no signs of stopping. Enjoy the heat. IT's not fair.