Saturday, January 10, 2009

From Mechanic to Plumber Joe!

That's right, last week I was a mechanic and put in the Alternator to Jennifer's van, today was the toilet. Yeah it was clogged. The toilet paper dispenser fell in and was wedged inside the toilet. So guess who had to take the thing apart and get it out? That's right, yours truly. But I must say I had a good lovely wife! :)

It was the stinkiest project I've worked on...literally! hahahaha. We got some tips from Jesse (my brother-in-law) and then the rest was just pure luck...I mean brains. I will say it was an easy project but there were just a few things I didn't like about it especially the smell. And when we finally got the dispenser dislodged, we had a few other "things" come out as well. I'll let your imaginations do the rest.

Needless to say it is a working toilet again. So right after I needed to have someone "send some mail" through it and Keil happily volunteered. He even let me check out the package he was about to send through to ensure it was "testable material". I told him I needed some fat donuts to send through and he produced the right size. So after I approved the package size, we let 'er rip! And she ripped alright. She spiraled down like a good package should and yes we are back in business.

The next project is finding out where the leak is for the van's power steering fluid. Oh and I still need to put in a new windshield for her vehicle. Man, we are just moving along!
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  1. wow! look at you completing all those house projects! jen's honey-do list is getting checked right off!

  2. Could you come over to our house and help Jake with his "honey-do" list? Very impressive!

  3. ROFLMAO!!! Way to go, Keil! Great job on making sure "Plumber Dad" did it right!