Friday, January 9, 2009

Ice-cream, Burgers, Ice-cream...and Quality Time

Jennifer had to wait for a someone to come over so she could help them so unfortunately she was unable to come with us.

So we went out by ourselves. We started at MacDonalds where we enjoyed some McFluries and ice-cream cones because it topped out at 81 degrees today...another warm one.

Then afterwards we went to Braums for some burgers. As we were eating, Keil reckoned that Mom would have really enjoyed it with us. Sometimes callings come first!

So as we got up to leave, we went to get some ice-create to bring home. And true to his love for his Mom, Keil strongly suggested we get Mint Chocolate-chip ice-cream for his mom. So we got a 3-pint for Jennifer and another for them. So we're home now and finishing off our video-game faceoff before heading to bed. A good start to the weekend.


  1. You did it again, demonstrating what a fun bunch the Pauga family is. YUMMERS!!!!!
    Sister T.O.

  2. Such a dad thing to eat ice cream BEFORE dinner. How fun!