Thursday, January 8, 2009

From 84 to 31 Degrees...All in a Days Work!

So Saturday was 84 degrees and set a record then Sunday we dropped to 44 and by Monday the high here in NE Dallas (Richardson) was 31 degrees. And as a result, we had icicles on the trees. Moreover, the poor Hot Dog guy wasn't so hot. As you can see, his momos were ice. He's normally happier than that but it must have been hard to push out that ice after drinking it all :)

Well, that's Bid D weather for again cold again. Then it warmed up today to 76 degrees again. Tomorrow is slated to drop a little but then we might be either in the teens or single digits next week. Love it!
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  1. Cold momos ah? lol You're too funny! Keep the posts coming! It's fun to read about your life in Dallas!