Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well, I've been tossing this up to see if I should post it or not. Well, I decided what the heck, it's a happening albeit a 'mishap' for Keilani. So my Keilani got detention--I thought the reason was funny but nevertheless, I'll support the teacher.

The funny thing is I got thinking and thought well, we've all been in detention at least once. But wouldn't it be funny to know if Gramma Wilson got into Detention? Actually, all the old guys like my folks! It would be funny to see a member of the Temple Presidency and think, hey he was in detention once! Or to see Mom Noonan and say, hey you served 4 detentions? That would be funny if I get comments from you guys that you were in Detention. What did you do? Dang!!! :)

Even funnier, I told Keilani to take pictures of the "thing" so I can post them later and she said, "Dad, you want me to have more detention?" I was just thinking of making a fun "thang" out of it. Alas, I could how they wont like it if Keilani took pictures.

Oh well, she served her time and got out okay :)
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  1. Well I just wonder what so wrong about what Keilani did compare to Alan and Andrew did. Alan collar some kid n cried then ran to the teacher and suki about it, and he was also answering a friend's question about curry and an indian girl heard him from behind she ran to the teacher and suki about it and Alan got suspended! "discrimination" she said! so one day again the principal called and said that Alan will be suspended because he collared the kid again and also torn his school shirt, because the kid threw a rock 3x to Alan. Alan said stop but wouldn't so he collared him, so I finally this time went to the principal fought with the principal and I said, you are now saying my son collaring that kid, tearing his shirt wanting me to pay for it, but what about the rocks that he threw to my son, because if it hit him on the head I will sue you first. I came home told Tia, Tia took a day off and went to the principal, had the same talk with him in a calmer way and told the principal, this is discrimination you punish my son, and not the one that started it, I want to speak to the head of education and sort this out, your school don't make right decisions especially you the principal. Because that "rock," my son said it is a fairly medium size rock, and I got angry because I almost got hit. So Tia said, let me tell you, if that rock hit my son I put you responsible lol! because of your wrong decision!. The very next day of when Alan meant to start his "5 days suspension" the principal told Tia, "your son can come back to school, under 1 condition, no more fights, nor any action," Tia shook hands with the principal, and apologize on behhalf of my highness and my screaming to the principal and came home, Alan is now closely monitored by "all" teachers, and as for me, I am closely watching "all teachers" reactions, decisions, and everything.
    Raeann got detention because she threw a shoe to a girl and hit her on the head, Raeann defended her, the girl threw the shoe first, and the teacher said "Raeann retaliate, and I said, yeah, you love to say retaliate, because, the girl cried and Raeann didn't, just warn the suki ones, if they cannot handle the retaliation action, don't start, because I will retaliate myself" lol to you that's making some cheap decision!
    Sorry about my story, but it is true. excuse my attitude! not a good example, I guess it's because I already told them I will always support their decisions and respect the school rules, but this time it gone too far, and Alan came home crying and told me his part of his story, and so "I RETALIATED!"