Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wanna See My BooBees?

Yeah, it caught my attention too.

Okay here's the story, I was in the middle of a presentation and up pops my email notification with a "WANNA SEE MY BOOBEES?" It caught me off guard and I thought, "What the heck?" I was so caught off guard I half stared at the subject line amazed!

This was from a good friend from BYUH, not SPAM that somehow made its way into my mailbox. I was stunned. I swear if I could blush I would have. I was mortified! I thought, what is she (my friend) doing?

I hoped the people in my presentation didn't notice; yeah, wishful thinking. Well, luckily a few made jokes about it and then moved passed it.

Well when we got to my desk, my coworkers and I carefully checked the email (the whole time I'm thinking, hoping really, "surely this cannot be something bad from Lisha--it's Lisha!!!") PHEW!!! it was safe! When it was safe, I finally said to my coworker, "this is an LDS friend of mine from BYUH so it couldn't have been bad." Well I was really hoping and glad it was safe.

And yes, that's the picture above; they were just Bees as ghosts saying "Booo!"
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