Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween People

From last Friday...Keilani went as Cleopatra, Keil was a vampire and Masina was a horse. We went with a few families in our ward and it was a fun evening. We walked around and did the TorT thang and then came home and took it easy.

We had some of my YM spend the night and we had a fun night playing Balderdash eating chocolate, candy and chips. Well, it was a good night.
Here is the Vampire minus the fangs and although you can't really tell, Masina is a horse but it was quite hot here so she wanted the horse-head off as it was a warm costume.
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  1. Great costumes! Keil looks just like Joey Junior (minues the makeup and fangs of course!).

  2. Ok, ok. So your kids are way cute and I'll borrow them next year so you and Jen can go on a date :)