Sunday, October 19, 2008

Exploring Duck Creek, Garland TX

Every city we've lived we have a tradition with my children that we go exploring. We've hiked many places, swam in funky smelling water, watched the sunrise from various locations and have even tumbled down hills. We've encountered protected birds, snapping turtles, and crossed paths with many snakes and water snakes.

Yesterday was no different, except this time we encountered a homeless person under the Shiloh Rd bridge. It was a first for us. The other thing we did was I conducted the kid's interviews while we were out exploring. I normally conduct monthly interviews with the children at home on Sundays but yesterday I did it while we were out exploring. It was fun!
So these are just two pictures from when we stopped for a quick break and when we reached the end of the creek where it is dammed. That's where we stopped and hung out and took it easy, ate our lunch and even heard some animal growl at us. Well, enjoy and have a good one.
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  1. Yikes...what kind of animal growled at you? I like the interviews idea really cool.

  2. You are smart. We need to explore our city more. I think we always think of that as a vacation kind of thing.