Saturday, October 11, 2008

Keil Gets Baptized

The Day Keil had been waiting for arrived with a bang! Faaliga and his family arrived late last night (Friday) and we all hoorahed and hung out. Then we all started the new day with Ultimate Frisbee and because the YM had a Volleyball game, we ended up having Keil and Keilani play. So that was a fun thing for them too.

Then we all came home cleaned up a bit, helped out at home, all the boys got haircuts and then we showered and then Keil and I headed to the church. We ensured the font was being filled, passed out the programs and then Keil had his interview with Bishop. It was a very spiritual event and Keil thoroughly enjoyed his day. After his baptismal, he told me he felt very good and he was excited. I was excited for him too.

It was an awesome event and here are just a few pictures prior to his baptism. In addition, here is the web album of the pictures of the after-function.

Thank you to all you guys that came and made Keil's day extra special.
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  1. Hi Keil
    Grandpa and I are so proud of your decision to be baptized today. I'm sure Heavenly Father is really pleased. You are such a cutie and we are glad you are our grandson. Listen closely to your parents, the Holy Ghost, the Prophet, and your heart and you will always be guided in whatever you do. Read the scriptures everyday and attend your church meetings, but above all else give service to others. Heavenly Father needs you to take of your family and others around you.
    Always remember we love you no matter what.
    Love You Lots!!!!!!!!
    Grandma and Grandpa

  2. Keil,
    I am so proud of you of for you decision to be baptized. Mow that you have the gift of the Holy Ghost remember to list to that still small voice and CTR!! We all love you so much and REALLY wish we could have been there. Good Job!!
    Love Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Jesse and Kids

  3. cute family pic of the Baptism...WOW I can't even imagine having one that old....Mine are still little though...Hey you look really pretty much the same as last time I saw you. Do Samoans age at all?