Saturday, April 4, 2009

LDS Techies = Online Missionary Work

During the first session of conference today the lds twitter community came alive. For almost 2 hours, the keyword "ldsconf" was the buzz on twitter. That is amazing from my standpoint. As an interactive marketer, this drove a lot of "visits" and interactions and "buzz" about the church. But from an lds member perspective, what a tool for missionary work. 

During the same time, (see screenshot) was the #1 trend on But looking even closer, one will see that numbers 4 and 8 are also attributed to the lds church. We might look and say, we are only 13 million. But I choose to say, we are 13 million STRONG with influence. One of my fellow twitterers said "lds are techy people" and I totally agree. Why?

If one breaks down the 13 million, one will see that that's not a big number to begin with but to carry the trends and sway worldwide (6 billion) analytics and tools (e.g. twitter and google) is a feat. We tried to accomplish that in the Oct 08 Conference but didn't. Amazingly, in just 6 months, more LDS folks have embraced twitter.

Last Summer, I created twitter accounts for Keilani and Keil for their summer journal project and they've been enjoying it. Now they are part of the twitter and ldstwitterers.

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