Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And Action...

Earlier this morning, Keil presented on his REACH project.  He presented on Steven Spielberg. Jennifer and I were both there and we think he did a fine job. He had great posture, good voice, eye contact and was confident.

Included here are some of the pictures from his presentation and we'll post several more another time including the prep work that went into doing everything. 

He had fun with his project and it inspired the girls to do a similar project on someone they'd like to know more about.

The teacher thought it was cool how he came and presented as Steven Spielberg and not just "tell" about his person. The best part was when he ended with "I'd like to thank the Academy..." as he held up his Oscar Award. Credit to Jennifer for working on his speech with him and for the ingenious way she came up with the Oscar. You can see the picture here of him spray painting his gold Oscar :)


  1. That is so awesome! Yeah Keil!!!

  2. WOWSERS Keil! I wish we would have had you do your presentation after dinner. You are an amazing young man and I'm so proud to know you and to love you. I LOVE how your oscar turned out WOWSERS again and again.
    Sister T.O.

  3. That statue looks awesome! Good job!