Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Different Storm Types

So two weeks ago, we had an Ice Storm that closed down schools on Jan 28th. My vehicle temperature was reading 19 degrees. And you can see from the pictures that thick ice collected on the trampoline. We had icicles on the vehicles and ice all over the roads.

Then tonight as I drove home I watched a Lightning Storm preceed a major Thunder Storm that eventually brought heavy rain, hail and tornadic activity. Three people died from the storm and I sit in amazement. Before the storm, it was 74 degrees.

I just enjoy watching the weather that Jennifer thinks I'm a weatherman stalker! I think I should change careers and become a weatherman. I even follow the weatherman on twitter, how cool is that? :)

The last picture is from tonight's storm.

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  1. Dude you and Robert should start your own weather channel, he is also obsessed with the weather although living in San Diego the weather isn't quite as exciting.