Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What Tribe Are You From?

Jennifer and I just got back from Forth Worth where we attended a Native American Council annual gathering. It was fun. It took an hour to drive, then took another 30 mins to locate the place but when we sat down, they were just about to bless the food. Better yet, we sat right next to the food, the only place available. Since there were 1100 people there, sitting next to the food was the best!

So then the people we sat with asked what tribe we were with and Jennifer answered Choctaw. The guy said he was with the Yawa tribe. They then turned to me and I said I was from the tribe of Lehi. 

Rightfully so, the poor lady was confused as she mentioned that she's never heard of that tribe before. Well, I think she hasn't read that part of the Book of Mormon yet. What an amazing thing when the American Indians finally see that they are descendants of Lehi and the Book of Mormon people.
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  1. Joey...you are too funny! The tribe of Lehi...I love it! What a great testimony. Love ya. Jake

  2. Love that feature on your side bar that shows when your favorite blogs were last updated. How do I install that on my blog? -Michelle