Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some Fun Pictures

Well, as the financial world looks gloomier each day and gets scarier by the minute, I took the time to stop and enjoy what I have and what makes me happy. I was going through some pictures and decided to post some fun pictures of the children.

Tonight Keilani and Keil started piano lessons and they are both excited for it. But because of our evenings (and the fact that we don't have a piano at home), we're going to be practicing at the church which is a quick walk from our house. So we will be going to the church early mornings everyday after they get ready to practice their piano lessons.

Things at home are fun and busy as ever. Nothing major to share and no major news. Just taking it easy and thought to share.

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  1. Joey-you are quite the photographer, it is amazing how fast our children grow up. Very cute pictures.

  2. nice photos - -your kids are so adorable :)

  3. Wow I douldn't tell before but your son looks alot like you. My hubb can't wait for a son! Watch me have all daughters just because.

  4. Your children are so very beautifuland handsome!