Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bike Riding in the Morning

A few pictures from Masina riding her bike around this morning in the front of the house. I think she was happy that the older two were not there to steal her thunder or to tell her what to do or where or how to ride her bike. Yesterday they all rode around in the cul-desac area in the front during the rain. But the older two kept telling her what she could or couldn't do. I saw how frustrated she was with their instructions. So I also saw how uninhibited her riding was this morning.

I had an 8am meeting that she waited patiently to end before she could go outside. So as soon as my meeting was over at 8:50am, she hopped on her bike and off she went so I could watch her.

Anyway, I captured some of her funky expressions and her enjoyment. She even did a few things where she rode right next to the curb and followed it all the way along. At times I thought she would run into the two parked cars in her way but she navigated her way through both vehicles with ease. There were two times I thought she wouldn't make a corner but she negotiated both corners without trouble as opposed to yesterday.

She was unable to negotiate a corner in the backyard yesterday and she took out a good chunk of skin from her elbow. We bandaged it up and off we went to basketball practice and there she is this morning riding and hooraying again.

Okay have fun.

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